Anemone: An Enemy: An Enema

by Boo Hoo

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all songs written performed recorded by clara luna anemone


released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


The Bad Pennies Austin, Texas

clara luna

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Track Name: ATX
When I'm back in Austin
I wear my old perfume
Paintings piled high in my living room
Reliving the reasons for my dumb tattoo
hoping I'll get a text from you
and you
and you
and you too
Track Name: Second Puberty
Sexualized at birth
before I had a chance to tell them
I wasn't ready
and no one ever tells you
adolescence doesn't end
after you turn 20
my body changes for the second time
and it feels like
i'm finally finishing what was started
many years ago
Track Name: The Unrequited Friendship Song
You and me
we could be
the best of friends
til the end
but seriously
i wanna be ur friend
i like the outfits that you choose
cool socks with platform shoes
i like the classes that you take
and the art that you make

my mom says i am really charming
once you get to know me
and everyone talks of unrequited love but
what about unrequited friendship?
Track Name: that's a really long time to be a whale
I feel like dying everyday
and maybe my friends feel
the same way
the only difference
is that i deserve this
and i just want them to be ok

Bowhead whales live
to be 200
and that's a dang long time
i wonder if they ever get bored
i wonder if the ever wanna commit suicide
Track Name: The Worst
I don't want a boyfriend
I just want someone to tell me i'm not worthless
like an episode of baggage
your love is
judgmental subjective scripted
and like an episode of america's funniest home videos
the sight of you makes me want to tear my eyes out

it's a sad feeling
when you figure out
tinder here
is just like tinder
everywhere else
Track Name: I love you Koko!!
Koko loved All Ball
but All Ball couldn't last
it just proves to me that no one can
even koko's kitten got hit by a car
bad sad bad frown cry frown sad
oh koko
you'll be 45 this july but i'm not ready to say goodbye
hanabiko koko
what will i do without ya?
koko's more than a primate
she is a soulmate